Logistics simply coming soon

Logistics Simply under construction

Logistics Simply will be an English version of a blog I run for almost 2 years in Polish. For the time being this site is still under construction. However, I encourage you to visit Logistics Simply soon as I plan to upload a lot of content in October.

In case you don’t speak Polish, but you are interested in topics that will be covered here, please read the About me or visit my Linked In profile to get understanding what experiences I can share.

In case you are a Polish speaker I invite you to visit Logistyka po prostu. You can find there already over 40 articles on people, processes, and tools in supply chain & logistics.

Eventually I plan both language versions to be equivalent in content. In upcoming months I will translate articles from Polish to English.

I will also start from October publishing new articles bilingually. They will most probably appear on Logistics Simply and Logistyka po prostu with a weekly shift.

Whatever language you would like to read in, you can expect fresh know-how packed article every two weeks. I publish regularly on Saturdays. Most often in the morning Central European Time.

I highly appreciate any feedback, questions, or comments you may have after reading one of my articles on Logistics Simply, Logistyka po prostu, or Linked In. Therefore don’t hesitate if you would like to ask me something.

Just reach me over Linked In!

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