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My name is Adam Sobolewski and I have been working for over 15 years in various areas of the Supply Chain and Logistics. I deal with demand and supply planning, inventory optimization, master data management, warehouse operations, and negotiating logistics conditions with suppliers.

As a project manager, I was responsible for the implementation of SAP MRP and later more advanced planning systems in the Supply Chain. I also supported the processes of opening a new distribution center and selecting a logistics operator for the eCommerce channel.

Currently, as a consultant, interim manager, and member of the board of E-Commerce Logistics Experts Association, I am working to develop the supply chain and optimize logistics network of several European eCommerce companies.

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On my blog, I write about how to manage Logistics to meet the needs of business. I deal with the subjects like team management, demand and supply planning processes, inventory optimization, and technology as a crucial part of a modern Supply Chain.

If you want Logistics in your organization to be effective, or you are simply looking for answers to the questions:

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On the blog, I publish only my own opinions and studies prepared on the basis of generally available materials or authorized statements of the people or organizations I quote.

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